Firefox, the browser that respects its users

...well sort of. After you install Firefox and SessionSaver, you will have a browser that respects you.

This extension alone was good enough to make me switch. It really is sad that I am actually writing this near the end 2004 when this should not even be an issue in the computers of today.

Do you know why we have the save option in the file menu of just about every application? The answer goes way back to the 1980's. In those days everything was done on floppy disks. No hard drives. You had the OS disk/Application disk, and Data disk.

So when you turned on the computer, you put in the OS disk, started your application, and when you wanted to save your data, you hit the save command which prompted you to insert your disk....after saving you sometimes had to put the Application disk back in the computer.

So you see the computers then had no ability to automatically save your data when it changed, the computer had to wait till you did the disk swap thing. So this legacy model has carried on and on and on into today's computers. You may ask what does this have to do with browsing the web?

You save little if anything at all when browsing. It may be true you rarely reach for the save menu option, but how do you capture all that you are doing? Are the countless hours spent googling, and reading and clicking not worth anything? How many times has your browser tanked taking with it all that history in the back and forward buttons of your surfing windows?

Enter SessionSaver, it transparently records and keeps your window states so if you quit, or crash, you can continue right where you were.

NOTE: The URL for SessionSaver above will not work with Firefox 1.0 :( Sorry get the copy at instead. It works for me just fine.

BTW: I am aware that there are other browsers that do this nifty trick, but I don't use them for one reason or another....usually it is because they are pay apps or have more problems with rendering and accessing webpages.

The next extension I recommend takes care of another part of the browsing problem : Storage...

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