I had a dream about the iPod AV

This morning, I realized that if Apple produced a product like the fake on the right, it would be the worst iPod in terms of functionality.

The fakes based on the patent diagrams seen a while back seem cool but are actually a step back in functionality. The iPod AV as visualized would:
  • not allow you to operate it from within your pocket
  • not allow you to receive a tactile response for any of your actions (click of button)
  • would require that you almost always have the hold switch active due to the large active surface

So the question as I lay there thinking about the dream was, how can Apple make an ipod that looks like the fake but works as well if not better than the current generation.

I came up with a few realizations.
  • Fingerworks technology. I own and use a Touchstream LP keyboard. So I am familiar with the power of gestures on the touchstream. An iPod with fingerworks could detect how many fingers are being used. So for example:
    • 2 finger strokes for volume control
    • 3 finger strokes for seeking
    • 3 finger tap for pause/play would allow an iPodAV to operate in your pocket.
  • Screen as rocker. It may be possible to have the whole screen tilt/rock like the wheel which would be interesting.

I guess we'll see what Apple comes up with.
Photo is from the gallery at macrumors.com

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