Movie Downloads NOT worth buying

Movie Downloads: iTunes v. The Rest:

For now, I think I’ll continue using DVDs to archive my favorite movies, but rent digital versions of the ones I just want to see once. What I’d really like to see in this category is a digital Netflix service that automatically rents, downloads, and deletes movies from my computer for a flat monthly fee.

The dvd clearance bins at Walmart and smaller local stores have great prices on movies. Blockbuster is just down the street. So what will movie downloads do for me? Precious little. From what I have read, I see two key problems with all the offerings:

  1. DRM: DRM can't work for me, it never will. If I pay for it, it is mine to do as I please. I as an informed consumer don't want it.
  2. Price & Convenience: If I have to spend time downloading to acquire the product, then it takes up valuable space on my drive, I better save alot of money! I'd say $1.99/movie max. Since most movies in the clearance bins are around 5-10 bucks, I do not see how mastering, boxing and shipping a product can cost as much as a download. Why I should pay so much when they are really are so inconvenient to own?

I'll stick to the DVDs for now. Best bang and flexibility for my buck. Movie downloads offer me nothing.
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